Frequently asked questions

Why use Koree?

To earn money! With Koree you earn money on all your purchases. Thanks to Koree, you can also collect your spare change everywhere. Say bye-bye to spare change problems! It is simple and 100% free.

What are the fees on Koree transactions?

Koree is 100% free! There are no hidden fees. There are no fees at all.

What's a cashback?

Cashback is money that the store gives to consumers to reward their loyalty. This money can only be spent in the shop of the store that gave it.

How Do I Get My Cashback?

Just show your QR code to the store’s cashier and your cashback will be credited in your loyalty card balance! No action is required from you.

Can my cashback expire?

Your cashback is stored in your Koree account, it will never expire.

What's a Top Up?

We call top-up the spare change credited into your Koree account. Top-ups can be spent on your next purchase at the same store where you left it.

Where can I use Koree?

You can use your Koree balance at any store that is part of the Koree network. Share your Koree QR code with your friends to earn referral bonuses!

How do I use my Koree balance?

In your favorite shop, at the checkout, open the Koree app, click on the loyalty card of the shop, click on “Pay” and choose the amount you wish to spend, then click on "Validate". Easy peasy!

What's a referral bonus?

Send your referral code to all your friends and family to earn a bonus of 500 in your KOREE account after their first QR code scan ! Your friends and family will also earn a bonus of 500 !

How to redeem my Koree referral bonus?

Click on “Account” then click on “Invite a friend”. Share your code with all your friends ! Your friends must register with your referral code to activate the bonus. Once registered, your friends must have their QR code scanned in the store of their choice for you two to win 500 !

What does potential bonus mean?

You can track your bonuses by clicking on "See my bonus details". When your friends have used your referral code to register, your bonus appears as Potential in the application

What doest Activated bonus mean?

You can track your bonuses by clicking on “See my bonus details”. After your friend’s very first purchase; your bonus will be instantly credited and you will earn 500 to spend in the last store where you made a purchase! Your friend will also receive their bonus of 500 in the first store in which they used Koree!

I would like to use Koree at a store that does not yet accept Koree?

Log in to Koree app. Click on “Account” then, Click on “Suggest a seller”. Fill in the fields and click on “Validate”. We will call the store and make them an offer they cannot refuse!